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We are a pump service provider and consultant in the Philippines with a focus on helping our customers select and install the right pump for Water Wells, Water and Wastewater applications.

Why use PUMPS.PH?

We have helped our clients not only select the right type of pump but also verify that the pump is working to expectations. We are able to do this because we are also specialists in flow measurement. Once the job is complete, we can provide a service to measure the flow and confirm the pump is working correctly in the application.

In many cases, we have not supplied the pumps or the pumping system but have used our equipment and expertise to verify the pump performance of any type of pump

Pump Performance Tests

On-site pump performance testing with our test flow meters can provide valuable information regarding how accurate the pump is performing versus the manufacturer’s specification. 

Particularly for safety equipment, maintenance and proof of operation is critical. Not only that, but factory buildings insurance increasingly demands that you can show that vital equipment such pumps not only work but can be shown to deliver the output that they are rated at. We have done fire pump system testing. The meter verifies the output as specified. 

Tests conducted can provide information on actual pump performance and highlight any discrepancies. 

Water wells and submersible pumps

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